Wedding Lamps by Asaf Weinbroom

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in life. Because of that, someone who is getting married is putting his full effort in order to make it as special as possible. However, while so much money is spent in wedding dresses, floral arrangements and champagne, the right lighting can be the key aspect that can give a perfect set to the celebrations.

Most wedding light displays are for indoor or outdoor use making them an easy way to decorate. They can be placed above the wedding party’s table, over the entry way to the reception area or near the dance floor. You can accent them with some string lights on white wire and you’ve got a truly beautiful wedding decoration.

An article published by Designer Pages features unique and elegant wedding lamps designed by Asaf Weinbroom. According to the article, this said wedding lamps are in pair representing the bride and the groom.

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Mathieu Lehanneur’s Modern LED Chandelier Weaves Through the Ceiling of an Historic Chateau

From candles to Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) – that’s how chandeliers have changed over the years. LED chandeliers are still relatively new but gaining in popularity for a number of reasons.

It’s a fact that there has long been a belief that chandeliers add a sense of class and sophistication to a home. And according to some homeowners, it cannot be achieved with any other sort of lighting fixture. It can be true because they are very aesthetically pleasing in a classical sense and form a feature of the space aside from than just providing illumination.

An article written by Lori Zimmer of Inhabitat features a gorgeous chandelier designed by Mathieu Lehanneu, a famous French designer. The modern chandelier is made of LED strip lights.

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Stackable Tetris LED Lamp Takes Video Game Decor to a Whole New Level

LED Lights are a boon because they consume very little electricity, very durable, energy-friendly and are very versatile. Speaking of versatility, there are few options when it comes to coloured lights and the LEDs are perfect for any function because they are available in different colours and styles as well. They are really perfect for decorative purposes.

Moreover, LED lights are also available with rechargeable batteries. They have a long life and can be recharged and used for many years. So, they can be designed almost any way you want.

You are probably familiar with one of the hottest video games that children and adults play – Tetris. According to Kristine Lofgren’s article which is posted at, Tetris LED Desk Lamps are already available in the market! The article revealed that this Tetris-like furniture is not only colourful but has special features as well.

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Garden Design: Urban Serenity

Creating a truly modern and stunning garden design can add so much to your home especially when you add some lighting to it. All types of homes can take advantage from a garden makeover, from small apartments with limited outside space to large palatial country mansions. You can create designs that are practical and those that simply impress your neighbours and visitors.

Adding some lights to your garden can take on any design that you wants. There are several ideas for garden lights. Some are designed to create an extended living space beyond the interior of the home and others designed more for safety and security.

Garden Design Online posted an article that illustrates several garden design ideas. The article can help you design your garden; it shows some images of simple yet beautiful garden designs.

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Smart LED Lights Fun to Play With

LEDs represent the most significant development in lighting since the invention of the electric light more than a hundred years ago. They give us creativity, low energy lighting solutions, not to mention the lower maintenance costs. Furthermore, as investment continues and volumes increase, the price of LEDs should come down by 10% or more a year.

With these benefits, LED’s have been widely used all over the world – from commercial to home lighting, they are even used in cars, artworks and some other spots for decorative purposes. LED’s really are the future of lighting technology.

According to Lisa Montgomery of Electronic House, coloured LED lights can now be controlled via a smartphone. In her article, Lisa revealed that using Rigado Lumenplay, a modern mobile app for Android and iPhone, you play games with your lights, dance with your lights and personalise them to the max.

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How to Install Security Lights

Installing a security light fixture is no different from installing an ordinary lighting. However, security lighting more sophisticated since it automatically turns on whenever it senses motion. This makes it one of the best security devices you can install to protect your backyard or garden.

Below is an instructional video which demonstrates some simple steps on how to install your security lights. Furthermore, it also teaches the proper areas where you should install your security lights.

Exterior Lighting Tips: How to Install Floodlights

Installing LED floodlight bulbs should be something that you should consider if you are looking for a way to create the perfect atmosphere for your garden. Moreover, aside from highlighting the areas of your backyard, you can also use your floodlights for increased security purposes.

This video is about how to properly install an LED floodlight. It describes the correct process of installing exterior floodlights particularly those with flush mount. You can watch the video here:

How to Install LED Strip Lights

The traditional and older incandescent lamps are quickly being replaced by LED strip lights as the top lighting choice for businesses and homeowners who want to make their interiors more stylish and comfortable.

LED strip lights are highly considered as the better lighting but a lot of people are still hesitant to buy this type of lighting because they are thinking that they are difficult to install. To help you with that, we include an instructional video in this blog post to teach some basic steps on how to install LED strip lights. Watch the video below:

LED Indirect Lighting

Do you know the difference between direct and indirect lighting? Basically, direct lights generate more heat, which may be sometimes unnecessary and uncomfortable. On the other hand, indirect lighting produces a moderate diffused and cooler light.

Watch the video below for more about diffused light. The video will help you understand what diffused lighting is. It also demonstrates some tips on how it can be helpful to your interior lighting designs.

How to Install Your Ceiling Lighting Fixture

The lighting fixture you choose can boost the elegance of your room. By simply placing a lighting fixture on your ceiling, it can change almost the entire look of your room.

However, ceiling lights are one of the most difficult to fix when they get broken or install especially when they are placed very high. You do not have other options but to get a ladder and climb up high.

Fortunately, there are some easier things you can do. In this video, we will show you the simple steps on how to install a ceiling lighting fixture.